Born on a farm in the South-East Transvaal Coal district in 1959,
studied Art at University of Pretoria in the early eighties.
endevoured in IT/Media world and spent several years abroad,
before settling in a small town in the Swartland
-Riebeek Kasteel, nearly twenty years ago.

Participating in a number of exhibitions,
that spans several mediums and applying such techniques such as:
solely utilising a palette knife rather than brushes,
leaving raw canvas, as in the "Ma" spatial tradition,
often using gravity to "run" the painting medium,
incorporating "Meraki" - symbols of personal significance.

His wide body of work also includes repurposed sculpture,
oil / watercolour landscapes, charcoal portraits,
"Street" photography, printmaking and multimedia projects.

"The true manisfestation of expressing one's personal creativity
should reflect the everchanging environment in all its forms.
Celebrating diversity and a unique view, innovatively
and across multitudes of subject matter,
in any available medium.
Not blindly following fashion, convention,
recipes or so-called academia."

Initiated art appreciation classes and constantly documenting locals
photographically as a social experiment.
Constantly exploring new ways of creative expression
on the outskirts of society - in what he calls "Rural Grafitti"